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Design your own customized mask

Materials used are accompanied by international certifications

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Design your own customized mask

Combine security with your own corporate identity and welcome your clients with the best face mask!

As the protective face masks quickly become part of our daily routine and part of professional attire for many entrepreneurs / employees, AMASK innovates and gives you the option to have face masks embroidered with your brand/company logo, thus combining protection and promotion of your business.

You just provide us with the logo of your company, (it can be simple text or design), and we will embroider it on your customized masks.

The one-time charge to make the embroidered pattern of your logo varies between 25-35 €, depending on the complexity and density of the design.There is also the option to choose one of our pre-existing fonts, in which case the one-time charge will be waived.

After your custom embroidered logo has been created (or an existing font has been chosen), the additional cost for embroidering it on the fabric will be 1-3€ per face mask.

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Style and Protection

A-Masks are stylish and reusable air pollution masks are washable and Eco-friendly.

SUPERIOR PROTECTION – For air pollution, smog, dust, third party protection of breathing droplets.

ECOFRIENDLY – Our masks are reusable and washable – making them both economical and Eco-friendly

PERFECT FIT – Comes in sizes for kids and adults, with adjustable ear straps and a sturdy nose piece – creating a tight seal for optimal protection

DESIGN – Durable and fashion friendly, A-Masks are Greek designed face masks using only the highest quality materials.

Who we are

The A-Mask was conceived as an idea and developed under the global emergence and threat of covid-19.

The Giannakopoulos family, already active in the tourism sector at island of Amorgos for the past 30 years, and having the know-how in sewing, production and promotion, decided to assist in the emerging scarcity of one of the major sources of personal protection.

The company produces reusable masks, made of 100% cotton, for protection against air pollution. The A-Masks are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.  

They are made from soft, eco-friendly textiles and are meant for long term use. The A-Mask consists of three layers of certified/patented fabric (one layer of 100% cotton and two layers of organic muslin). It features high-quality adjustable straps as well as a built-in flexible nose piece for perfect fit.

The A-Mask provides excellent breathing quality, an excellent fit and does not cause discomfort to the user. We have chosen colorful, uplifting designs to provide joy and optimism to our customers in this particular occasion.

We emphasize that:

*  The use of the A-Mask needs to be accompanied by all additional protective measures, since wearing the mask alone will not fully protect you against coronaviruses.  

General precautions

Source: EODY Official Page (Greece)

We wash our hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub and avoid touching the face with our hands (eyes, nose, and mouth).

We cover our coughs and sneezes with a tissue, which then we throw directly into the trash. If this is not available, we cover our mouth and nose with our bent elbow.

If we have mild symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat) we remain at home in isolation.

If the symptoms are getting worse, or if we belong to a vulnerable group (elderly people, people of any age with chronic underlying diseases e.g. diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases, arterial hypertension) we contact promptly our health care provider for a medical evaluation.

If we take medication we follow the instructions of the treating doctor

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