Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

90 Day Warranty

Our goal is to produce products of excellent quality that we have absolute confidence in and we are delighted to offer you a 3 month warranty which covers any repair needs for your 100% cotton masks during this timeframe.

Since our Amask products are handmade and go through 13 different stages of production, we want to assure you that if you have received a defective product, you can return it to us and we will repair it or replace it immediately, at the cost of 7€ which covers the transportation fees within Greece.

For any clarification or question, you can contact us at

* The 3-month warranty also applies to the fabric pouches.

* A different policy is followed for lip-reading masks. We cover repairs that affect all parts of the mask except the transparency.

* For silk masks, a replacement is provided only if a defect is noted upon opening the package (you need to also send us a high quality photo indicating the defect). Due to the delicate nature of silk fabric, which requires careful handling, we can not replace silk masks that have been misused.

* The 3-month warranty also covers purchases outside of Greece. You can simply send us by registered mail the masks you wish to repair / replace and you will only be charged with the delivery cost to your country of residence (8.5€ for EU countries, 18.5€ for non-EU countries).

* Our products are items of personal protection & hygiene. Please read carefully the instructions on your Amask packaging, in order to avoid mishandling during use and the washing process. The recommended instructions must have been followed, before returning your Amask for repair / replacement. In case you wish to send us a previously used Amask, it needs to have been washed before.