Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

Revamp your old face masks

Ever faced a similar issue? If so, we have the solution! Driven by social and environmental consciousness, we are launching an upcycling face mask project, which focuses on face masks that can’t be used due to manufacturing errors or wrong sizing.

Your formerly useless masks can now be upgraded! Joining this effort, you contribute directly to the protection of our environment, by reducing the need for production of new materials and by minimizing the volume of waste being sent to landfills.

The upcycling process is very easy: You collect and send us the fabric masks you cannot use, and we upcycle them to your preferred size. Your new, upcycled masks will feature a sturdy nose piece, an extra layer of organic wadding, adjustable ear straps and the Amask logo. The upcycling cost of each of your masks is 2€, with the quality seal of Amask.

Contact us for more info: or call us +30 2285073523