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Chocolat - Handmade Silk Reusable Eco-friendly Mask

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NEW! Silk face masks

Silk… A completely natural product that is righteously considered the most valuable textile fiber of animal origin. The parallel layers of protein in its fiber make it very soft, making it non-irritable to the skin and also very pleasant to touch. In addition, silk is woven in a way that does not allow the retention of allergens, mites and fungi, making it ideal for use by people with allergies and dermatological sensitivities.

Silk Amasks provide you with an extremely soft feeling of protection, as they consist of 2 layers of pure silk fabric with an intermediate layer of organic batiste (3 fabric layers in total). They are ideal for special, elegant appearances when the use of a simple face mask is not appropriate, as well as for everyday use (for sensitive skin).

They feature a sturdy nose piece and high quality adjustable elastic bands for a perfect fit. Try them!