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Unicorn - Crossbody Phone Pouch

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NEW! The perfect way to securely store your phone, including other essentials, while on the go.

Our Amask crossbody phone pouch is made of 3 layers of fabrics (layered 100% cotton fabric, wadding and lining on the inside) and features an inner case, ideal for storing pocket money, ID / driver’s license, credit card.

It will fit all cell phone sizes, due to its inclusive design (20 x 10 cm). It can safely carry a mobile phone and pocket money, and for added security, it can be worn inside your jacket / coat. The Amask phone pouch is washable like our masks, it is lightweight and convenient for everyday or formal appearances.

You can choose between the all-fabric pouch and the pouch featuring a transparency, which is touchscreen-proof and allows you to use your cell phone while it is in the pouch!